nanoGalactic is documented here in the form of photos, video and the collective writings of the participating artists. The evening is best described as an immersive ephemeral architecture, a performance art event, a video screening and a contemporary music concert all rolled into one seamless whole. The project, created by the Intermedia Performance Art class at UNT, included graduate and undergraduate students from across the disciplines of visual, art, music and film. Together they explored new collaborative structures utilizing an adventurous mix of traditional forms and emerging technological possibilities combining old and new media alike. nanoGalactic became an elaborate multi-sensorial experience created in a short timespan in service of big ideas. The project participants were asked to consider the formal aesthetic and conceptual representations of “scale”. Everything from the size of our world(s) to the shifting perception of time. What emerged was as quick as the blink of an eye or seemingly long as one orbit of Pluto around the sun. Where the ego could be the center of the universe, or our bodies an infinitesimal cellular portion of an expanding universe. The evening of simultaneous tableaux merged elements of music, theatre, installation art and network media performance into a shifting array of events, sculptural objects and participatory happenings that unfolded at various locations both within and outside the walls of the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theatre in the UNT College of Music. David Stout – Project Artistic Director 2015

Production Team Members

Artistic Director / Professor : David Stout
Technical Director : Seth Shafer
Associate Technical Director : Benny Bailey
Co-Producer / Outdoor Curator / House Manager : Olivia Brown
Assistant House Manager : Julie Libersat
Technical Assistants : Jen Hill, Luke Peterson
Lighting Systems Technician : Zach Thomas
Rigging & Install Tech Technicians : Zach Thomas, Jon Vogt, Tim Harenda, Julie Libersat
Publicity / Poster : Olivia Brown
Website Design : Alli Lowe, Zach Thomas
Event Attendants & Ushers : Austin Williams, Jonathan Cote, Jonathan Covach, Alli Lowe, Adrianna Valls, Colton White, Jon Vogt

Special Thanks

UNT College of Music – Division of Composition Studies, UNT College of Visual Art & Design – Studio Art / New Media, Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA), Hybrid Arts Laboratory (HAL), Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia (CEMI), Dr. Andrew May, Linda Strube, Alyssa Hedenstrom, Vickie Napier, Michael Jones, Martin Back, Sunhouse, Autumn Taylor, UNT Surplus, The Cupboard Natural Foods & Café, Dallas Makerspace, Cracked Ray Tube, Liz Larson, Mike Morris, Samantha Gibble, Megan Martinez, Alma A. Valls, Ramon Valls, Carlos E. Valls, Enrique Valls, and Mariaelena A. Valls

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